Creating collages or photo mashups with a completely new approach. With CutoutCam you can use your environment like a colour box:
Take a photo, cut out a hole and take another photo to fill it.
By repeating this process and using any material/object — wood, glass, metal, etc. — you can create stunning artworks in little time.

See how it works!

iOS version available now!

Marc Alain // New York, USA

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For how long are you working with collage art now and what was your reason to become a collage artist?

I’ve been working with collage since highschool, I remember I would make these large elaborate images out of tiny pieces of ripped up color paper. I was always good at drawing, but with collage the process seemed more intuitive and natural.

Would you consider yourself mainly a collage artist or do you prefer working with other techniques as well?

I’m bad at defining things, particularly myself. I would say I’m an artist that uses collage, photo, and video techniques. I love all three and each process informs the creation of the other.

When you begin working on a new collage (set of collages), do you already have a picture in mind of how it should preferably look when finalized?

Yeah, a picture just pops into my head that I’m trying to recreate which usually never turns out like my initial idea. With the collages in particular I have a clear vision of what I want them to look like and the challenge is finding imagery that works.

What fascinates you the most about collages?

Collages are so much fun, the process of cutting & gluing is child-like and I enjoy the presence of the hand. With collage art in general I am drawn to the way pre-existing imagery can be changed, shaped and manipulated drastically with the simplest of juxtapositions. Personally words, talking and writing take a lot of effort for me, almost like a second language, where as things like body language, images, movement, symbols, graphics, visual meaning, cliches, associations, and color come naturally. So anytime I see someone taking apart the visual language through collage, I connect in such a direct way.

In art, what is your favourite epoque / your favourite art movement, and why?

Surrealism, I have an aversion to reality and surrealism is about as far away from reality as you can get.

Do you have an artist whom you admire and whom inspires you?

So many, my favorite artist will always be Hieronymus Bosch, his paintings are almost like collages. The list of inspiration goes on and on: Jan Van Eyck, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Rene Magritte, George Platt Lynes, Guy Bourdin, Francesco Clemente, Egon Schiele, Jean-Paul Goude, Salvador Dali… I literally could keep going forever.

What are your main inspirations, or how do you get inspired?

Music is my main inspiration, finding a new favorite song is exactly like falling in love: its instant, guttural, unexplainable, and all consuming. My new favorite track becomes an obsession where I’ll listen on repeat all day everyday. The repetition begins to melt away the surface revealing deeper parts of the song. Lyrics become more clear, subtle sounds more apparent and this constant daily soundtrack creates a zone where the mind can wander into an almost waking dream perfect for inspiration.

Does music have any influence in your work process? (And, if so: What kind of music do you like to listen to? Any favorite song or artist or genre?)

Oops, guess I answered this in the last question. Right now my favorite album is ‘Bogans of Death’ by my friend Jonathan’s band Menage-a-Trois. They are British and I directed the video for their track “White Noise” while Jonathan was staying in New York over the summer. He’s back in the UK now and listening to the album just makes me think of shooting the video all summer and how much fun it was. Also they are just really talented and create amazing songs.

Is there a quote you always carry with you in your mind, heart, notebook, mobile phone or wallet, that describes or inspires you?

“Choose to be happy.”

Please, choose a questions you have always wanted to be asked (in an interview), but never have been, and answer it.

That’s a tough one…





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